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Crate And Barrel Countdown To Christmas Giveaway

Ended: 12/23/2013 23:59 CT
Crate And Barrel Countdown To Christmas Giveaway Crate And Barrel will reveal an incredible new prize each day for 30 days. Enter daily for your chance to win!
(30) Daily Prizes (one per day):
November 26, 2013: 15 sets of six Christmas ornaments each, one garland, one set of lights, one tree topper, and one tree skirt.

November 27, 2013: one day bed, one twin mattress, four pillow covers, four pillow inserts, one throw, one quilt, and one set of two shams.

November 28, 2013: one wrapping cart, one hobby table, one canvas tote, one chair, three sets of decorative tape, three sets of ribbon, two sets of paper cord, 13 kinds of gift wrap, two wine bags.

November 29, 2013: one stand mixer, one glass jar, one hand mixer, one rolling pin, one roll of baking twine, one cookie press and decorating kit, one set of cookie cutters, one cookie stamp, one spatula, one pastry slab, one dishtowel, one cookbook, two baking sheets.

November 30, 2013: one bar cart, two jiggers, one tray, two shakers, one ice bucket, one set of ice tongs, two sets of eight drinking glasses, one bottle of tonic syrup, one bottle of grenadine, one jar of cherries, one mixology set.

December 1, 2013: one raclette maker, two sets of four plates, one set of eight wine glasses, two sets of six napkins, one chopping block, one set of cheese tools.

December 2, 2013: one jar of jam, one container of salt, one box of caramels, two boxes of chocolates, one box of peppermint bark, one order of flatbread, one set of spices, one bottle of olive oil, one jar of pesto, one cookbook, one jar of spread, one box of brownie mix, one box of pancake mix, one jar of popcorn kernels, one jar of honey, one salt grinder, one jar of popcorn seasoning, and one bottle of balsamic vinegar.

December 3, 2013: six sets of two plates, six napkins, one set of forks, one set of knives, one set of spoons, one set of six tumblers, two platters, and two serving bowls.

December 4, 2013: one set of twelve napkins, one set of bar tools, two sets of six cocktail picks, one set of twelve plates, one set of eight flutes, four sets of eight glasses, one bar book, one jar of cherries, one bottle of grenadine, one bottle of tonic, one shaker, and one maple board.

December 5, 2013: one bottle of glogg, one stock pot, two sets of eight plates, one platter, two sets of four mugs, one set of three bowls.

December 6, 2013: one griddle, one waffle maker, two sets of eight plates, one serving bowl, one set of eight bowls, one set of four napkins, two sets of two napkins, one platter, one waffle dipper pan, one batter dispenser, one batter bowl, one bottle of syrup.

December 7, 2013: one set of four beer glasses, one set of four mugs, one beer dispenser, six beers, one book, one set of six plates, one set of six dispenser tubes.

December 8, 2013: one juicer, one cookbook, two sets of eight glasses.

December 9, 2013: two sets of eight plates, one dutch oven, one platter, one bowl, one set of eight napkins, two sets of flatware, one set of eight glasses, one server, one runner, two garlands.

December 10, 2013: one bread maker, one cookbook, one loaf pan, four dishtowels, three canisters.

December 11, 2013: three sets of eight glasses, two candle holders, eight three-piece place settings, two sets of eight plates, two platters, eight bowls, three serving bowls, and a table cloth.

December 12, 2013: one knife block set, one universal pan, one hand blender, one carving board, one set of eight pans.

December 13, 2013: one serving board, one server, two cheese cutters, one set of three cheese tools, one wine cooler, eight wine glasses.

December 14, 2013: one espresso machine, eight espresso cups, one coffee measure, one bag of sugar stars.

December 15, 2013: one wine refrigerator, one box of wine tasting chocolates, two sets of eight wine glasses, one wine stopper, one carafe.

December 16, 2013: one 5-piece cookware set.

December 17, 2013: one slow cooker, one cookbook, one dining table, one bingo game, two sets of four mugs, one backgammon set, one set of twelve plates, one disruptus game, one one up game, and one chip and dip set.

December 18, 2013: two sets of eight plates, two sets of flatware, eight placemat/chargers, two sets of eight glasses, two sets of four napkins, one tablecloth, one platter, one bowl.

December 19, 2013: one grill, one grill cover, one grill tool set, three rubs, one grilling stone, two grilling baskets, one apron, one board, one oven mitt, one bag of charcoal.

December 20, 2013: one pizza pan, one pizza wheel, one beer dispenser, one set of six beer dispenser tubes, one set of eight beer glasses.

December 21, 2013: $1,000 Shop Card.

December 22, 2013: one sofa.

December 23, 2013: one chair, one fireplace screen, one set of fireplace tools, one throw.
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