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One O's Handmade Cushion & Poster Giveaway

Ended: 12/2/2013 23:59 ET
One O's Handmade Cushion & Poster Giveaway 1 Agnelli Boulevard cushion, with a value of 30 euro (see pic below). As every One O product, this cushion is hand silkscreened by us and made of 100% natural not-chemically-treated cotton. Please note: due to shipping costs the filling is not included. Any idea of how this is printed? We made a video to show you Oh and did I mention every product is limited edition? This giveaway is precisely for cushion number 001. Check the label baby!
1 unique Agnelli Boulevard poster, silkscreened on A4 size 200g fine white paper. The value of this gift is inestimable as this product in not for sale. You can hang it on your pin board as we did (see below), you can put it in a frame, decor a wall with washi tape holding it or simply bend it in half and transform it in a lovely card with your text inside. You can even cut it into small ones and make cupcake flags. All up to you, totally yours!
Attention! If we find out the random winner hasn’t commented this post, he will not be eligible for winning any prize. So stick to the rules!
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